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About Us

Lumicentro opened its doors in 1966 and is located at the Colon Free Zone in the Republic of Panama in the heart of Latin America and the Caribbean with the vision of satisfying the decorative lighting needs of all the customers of the region.

This vision was achieved by making an exhaustive study market in each country, obtaining a clear panorama of the models, styles, colors, sizes, tendencies and designs of lamps that were needed in the region, with the highest standards of quality and satisfaction for the clients.

Now a days, Lumicentro maintains operations in all the Latin American countries and the Caribbean, being the leader company in production and distribution of decorative illumination.

We continually work on creating new models and enlarging the lines of products. Supplying better ideas supported with the most advanced technology without leaving behind the esthetic and beauty components of the design, this way the changing decoration tendencies are believed through the illumination.

Lumicentro experience of almost half century and its clear and invariable vision of being the leaders in decorative lighting have given them the knowledge and the force to achieve their purposes.

Lumicentro and all their team of collaborators has the zeal of offering our clients their stamp of total satisfaction, based on a personalized attention and an attractive product with all the norms of quality that the industry demands.

Lumicentro more than selling a lighting fixture sells a new concept in the world of the illumination. For that reason Lumicentro is Lumicentro.

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